EDTECH 543 – Summer 2014

Becoming active in the social network world makes me nervous and I am not off to a very good start using Facebook.  I cannot exactly explain why I have concerns regarding social network other than I tend to be a private person and am concerned about putting too much personal information out for others to view.  During EdTech 501 I had to join Facebook, Twitter, and Diigo.  I was not comfortable doing it then some of my previous fears have surfaced again.  I do not actively use Facebook but periodically check in to see what others have posted.  I am truly hoping this class helps to alleviate some of my fears of social networking.

While I was taking EdTech 501 during the Spring 2013 semester, I set up a Twitter account for the classroom so we could Tweet the pope.  My students were disappointed when they found out Pope Francis was not personally tweeting the class but they still thought it was a lot of fun.  This year however, there was absolutely no interest from the students in using Twitter.  I will try it again in the fall.  The school does have a Facebook page but I am not involved with it other that periodically providing class photos.

Although I have not actually used social media as an instructional strategy in the classroom, I have wanted to use Twitter.  Twitter is an outstanding tool to help students carefully choose their words when conveying an idea or thought.  I am not completely sure how I would use Facebook with the students although I could set up a classroom page and try that.  It could potentially take the place of the WordPress blog I created last year.

My expectations for this class is to become more confident and comfortable in using social networking in the classroom.


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