Assessing Effective Curation

As I was beginning this assignment I was concerned about it being a group project and having it completed on time but my concerns were completely unfounded. Thankfully Kim Smith is an outstanding partner and we started immediately with active collaboration, completing the Curation Criteria Assessment well before the due date. I appreciate Kim posting it to Facebook since I am still disabled, having not heard anything back yet after numerous appeals.

Initially the questions were relatively simple to draft however coming up with twenty unique questions was a bit more challenging. We each drafted ten questions using different sources and only had two criteria that were duplicates. I was also very pleased that neither one of us relied on the same sources which helped us to create a substantial reference list. The assessment criteria were placed into a table format with yes/no columns to annotate whether or not the curated resources met the requirements as stated. The questions are very basic but applicable to any curated topic.

The next step for this week was to use the assessment criteria to assess not only the articles that I curated but those of the other members in my PLN.  I decided to use Scoop-It to serve as the collection tool.  Using Scoop-It for the first time was very easy and I now realize how valuable it can be to curate articles and sources on a specified topic.  Keyboarding is a skill that I am finding elementary students must learn, so this was my topic of choice.

For this being one of very few group projects I have had to participate in during the M.E.T. program, I would say it went smoothly and I appreciate having a partner that does not wait until the last minute to complete the work. This causes me considerable stress, which I can do without.



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