Social Networking and Walled Gardens

Should students be confined to a walled garden? Using social networking in the classroom is a relatively new concept.  Many have very strong opinions whether or not social networking belongs in the classroom.  As with any type of technology used in an educational environment, there is a time and place for this resource.  Select the photo below to listen to my thoughts on this subject.


AECT Standards; 1.1 Instructional Systems Design (ISD); 1.2 Message Design; 2.3 Computer-Based Technologies; 3.1 Media Utilization; 3.2 Diffusion of Innovations


One thought on “Social Networking and Walled Gardens

  1. Hi Catherine,
    As a primary teacher, I believe we need to limit complete access to our very young students. As students progress throughout their education, I think they should be given more and more access, so I like the idea (and visual!) of the sloped wall. It is important to create that digital citizenship when kids are in a safe environment so that it becomes second nature when they are in an unrestricted environment.

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